A cheap custom website can equal more money in your pocket

A high quality web design package, does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Making the decision to gain online visibility for your business in this day and age is crucial, since most people seek services via one the many advanced communication technologies available. With information within finger's reach, no one really takes the time to locate products and services using a paper directory any more. Let's face it, Smart phones, tablets, and laptops have replaced the use of yellow pages or other paper directories. You have already invested a lot in your business, so why not go the extra mile by obtaining a cheap custom website. Don't feel apprehensive if you are not that computer savvy, there are many companies out there who are willing to perform the work for you at a cost.

Hi5websites.com is an amazingly low cost web design company that produces high quality results. Professional experts at what they do, Hi5websites.com have been in business long enough to be a recognized as a respected provider in their field. Some of the services offered include, Social Media Management, Mobile Web Browsing, and Search Engine Optimization. In addition, Hi5websites.com offers a web design package that business owners can easily manage, no matter how new or how small their business may be.

Understandably, you may feel apprehensive about the cost of creating a website for your business, but rest easy in knowing that Hi5websites.com offers cheap custom website design that can improve the way you do business overnight. As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing your business, so let's be frank here, if no one knows about your business, its pretty safe to assume that your profitability will not be what you need it to be. We all know that no one intentionally starts a business to fail. Most business owners, expect to be successful, because they believe in their products or services, otherwise they would never have gone into business in the first place. Granted business cards, fliers, and even a storefronts are all great ways to market your business, however online visibility, takes exposure of your products or services to whole different level. A cheap custom website, can not only improve the amount of local traffic that your business receives, but it will also expose your business to global customers as well.

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We Handle Site Updates

No need to learn something new! Every account includes 50 FREE content updates per month!  Use our convenient online form to submit content adds/edits and deletes.  This keeps you from having to learn another system. You go back to what your good at, running your business.

Packed WIth Features

Every website comes loaded with features! Some of our standard feature include unlimited content, user login management, RSS syndication and newsfeed management, flash intros (just like this site), social media links, photo gallery, banners, voting polls, contact manager, content search and much more!

Customized Design

When you sign up with Hi5 Websites for a custom design, that's exactly what you get - a custom design. We don't use pre-built template purhcased from around the net. We build it reflecting your identity, and branding. You work one-on-one with one of our designers to create your website.

$599 Custom Website

Nobody beats our features and price!

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