Mobile Browsing

Many of your clients are talking about their mobile experience. We've all heard it's important, but many of us aren't sure how to get started—or even what to do first. Just because you can see your desktop site on a mobile phone doesn't mean it's mobile-friendly.

Mobile sites are designed for small screens, with the needs of mobile users in mind. A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and drive conversions.

  • By 2013, more people use mobile phones more that PC's to get online
  • Mobile searches have grown by 400% since 2010
  • There will be one mobile device for every person by 2015
  • 72% of users expect a mobile site to load as fast as a desktop site
  • 60% of users expect a mobile site to load in 3 seconds or less
  • 78% will retry a site two times or less if it does not load initially

Our mobile sites come power-packed with features and you can load unlimited content. Some of these features are:

  • Your own brand and background
  • Your own domain and sub-domain (e.g.
  • Your own meta keywords and description for SEO
  • Tracking of traffic through Google Analytics
  • Customizable CSS for virtually unlimited freedom for formatting
  • Your own menu hierarchy with unlimited trees and branches
  • Unlimited text-based content with images
  • Events module with recurrance
  • External web links
  • Locations with maps and integration with built-in mapping functionality of smart phones (e.g. door-to-door directions)
  • Specials, coupons, offers, promotions
  • Unlimited photo albums with unlimited pictures
  • Social media links (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Digg, FourSquare, etc.)
  • "Find near me" and "Find by city/state/zip" functionality